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  2. I’ve been reading the “poopy” posts about the President and the comments are typical vulgar, mean-spirited Repugnant-con lies. I am ashamed to see so many bigoted and racist comments that have no factual basis whatsoever. Republicans want to cut $60 billion from the President’s budget — right after they gave $800 billion to the richest of the rich… allunpaid for. They gave even more billions for drug coverage (for the insurance companies) while making it ILLEGAL to bargain with the industry for lower prices. Bush’s unnecessary Iraq war has cost many American lives and will cost $3,000,000,000,000 (THREE TRILLION DOLLARS) WHEN ALL THE BILLS ARE PAID. President Obama kept us out of another WORLDWIDE GREAT DEPRESSION by propping up the banksand what thanks does he get? The ingratitude of a highly racist southern and rural opposition that wouldn’t even let him regulate banks to keep it from happening again. Oil companies are making the HIGHEST PROFITS IN THEIR HISTORY, and pay next to nothing to extract oil that is owned by ALL AMERICANS, but Republicans still insist that they get BILLIONS more in tax breaks. I could go on, but if you don’t know all of this and more by now, there’s little hope for this country. Repugnant-cons are selling us down the river to big business and lie so much that many people actually believe them. God help us all. President Obama isn’t perfect, but Republicans are a DISASTER!

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